Domestic Water Jetting

More Than Just a Path

Garden paths, drives and decked areas are not simply a way of getting from A to B or a place to park your car or somewhere to place your furniture. They are an important part of a garden's structural backbone and can help to define and separate different areas. Their style will affect the whole atmosphere of a garden, so making sure they constantly look at their best is our mission.

No Harmful Chemicals

Our high-pressure jet-washing system uses no harmful chemicals so there is no risk with pets, plants or staining of surfaces.

Our system pushes water at 4000 PSI enabling us to effectively remove years of dirt, moss and grime from a variety of surfaces such as wood, tarmac, paving slabs and brick, without causing damage to the surface.

Key Services

Key Services

Weed, moss, algae and heavy grime removal from:

  • Driveways
  • Guttering
  • Conservatories
  • Decking
  • Garages


In my capacity as Circuit Property Secretary, I am responsible for the proper maintenance of ministers’ manses. In the case of vacant manses, I need to ensure that repairs are completed efficiently and garden maintenance tasks are carried out regularly. I have found that Ark South Ltd has provided the reliable, regular and efficient service that I needed.

Mr P Butler, Circuit Property Secretary Yeovil and Blackmore Vale Methodist Circuit  [ more ]